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Friday, May 30, 2014

More Anomalies A – Z: Wild Beasts

Wild beasts will lie down there
and its houses will be full of howling creatures.

Isaiah 13: 21

The star which led me here,
led me into this place of thirst
where no grass grows for gazelles,
has abandoned me.

It was a false star.

I came for treasure.  I came for gold,
to find forgotten wealth from ancient ruins.
And with that fortune I could have
bought new bright prospects for my future.

Now the sun burns overhead
and I am lost alone.
My wife, my sons
will see me no more.

The sun is bright;
the future, it is not.

But it will not be the sun that kills me,
though it steals my strength
and leaves me cold.

No. It will be the wild beasts -
demonic denizens of the desert -
that tear my flesh and crush my bones.

They submit to no king,
acknowledge no authority.
They are cursed creatures, as am I.

And what can I do?
They are howling all around.

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