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Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Anomalies A – Z: Vampires

Take this, my friend; wear it.  It will protect you from the Motetz Dam, the bloodsucking children of the Night Hag.  Her daughters screech, “Give! Give!” and “More! More!” They drain the blood (and the blood is the life) from men while we are sleeping.  They are never satisfied; you know this.  There is never enough to slake their unholy thirst.

But wearing this amulet you will be safe, protected from Lilith’s children.  It is inscribed with an incantation that I learned from a Phoenician.  And he picked it up at one of the secret shrines of the Egyptians.   Hear it is. I will read it for you, so that you will know it is authentic, and that it has power.  Real power.

“O Flying One, O unnamed evil, Sasam! and Sasam! O god, O Strangler of Lambs! The house I enter you shall not enter; the court I tread you must not tread; the clothes I wear you must not touch.  And my blood is my own.

“You are bound and you are sealed, all you demons, and devils, Sison! and Sison!  You who appear in the night, you who burn with hunger, you who burn and cast down with nightmares, away from this house, away from me.

Amen, Amen, and Selah.

“Vanquished are your black arts and mighty spells. Vanquished are your curses.  Vanquished are your teeth and claws. Vanquished from this house, and its four wall, vanquished from the earth and vanquished in the heavens.  Vanquished are all your constellations and your stars.  Susem! and Susem!

“Amen, Amen and Selah.”

So you see, my friend, it is a good amulet.  It will keep you very safe from the Motetz Dam. I will sell it to you. 

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