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Saturday, May 31, 2014

More Anomalies A – Z: X

I - a river of impudence, a torrent of blood
you are as rash as you are lazy
II - croaking discord
you are ancient, but in decline

III - dust and filth,
by the finger of God suspicion is raised
but not you

IV - a swarm descends
fear and apprehension mingle in you

V - epidemic disease among the livestock
but you cannot decide, you will not choose

VI - wave the wand over two handfuls of soot
and delays erupt

VII - storms of fire, loss of fortune
your crops under hail
your orchard in thunder

VIII - how long will you refuse to humble;
the locust follow their empress, but you?

IX - the darkness of death is tangible
the weight of your immobility

X - wisdom unheeded, the sword falls,
but not on you
there will be no more quarreling 

This is my third pass through the alphabet with these Anomalies.  X is becoming increasingly difficult.

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