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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

More Anomalies A – Z: Metatron

Thou hast surely heard of that great angel
who once was man, and then who was no more,
who walked upon the earth, like as the sun,
three hundred three score and five years – Enoch,
who ascended through seven heavens and
was then transformed from all his earthy parts
into the angel Metatron.

Read now
the words inscribed with letters gilded gold
by Metatron, the scribe and voice of God:

Fear not the hazard of the coming storm;
for though the vultures and the eagles fly
through darkened firmament, you must not fear.

Men in flame will walk about the streets and,
stung by wasps, they’ll burn with fever; see how
they vomit up the venom of their spleens.

When a goat is born with twice four legs, and
children kill their mother thinking to drive out
malicious spirits, take heart and fear not.

If thou reader, can Enochian script
translate, then read this book and be thou warned
for these are the words set down by heaven’s
scribe in burning letters and in bright flame.

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