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Thursday, May 22, 2014

More Anomalies A – Z: Queen Jezebel

High priestess and princess, Queen Jezebel
paints her lips with poison drawn from the sea;
it’s octopus ink
and powdered remains of crustaceans.

She has four hundred prophets of Ba’al
and four hundred fifty more for Ash’rah
who dine together
during midnight rainstorms at her table. 

She knows that she can use her painted eyes
and her keratinous coiffure also
against weak willed men
who dare to call themselves prophets and kings.

But still she wonders and she cannot say -
where is the prince, and where the lord, likewise?
For there is nothing
of nobility here, there's only dung.

This is my third pass through the alphabet with these Anomalies.  To read more of them click here.

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