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Friday, May 2, 2014

Hey, Ken Ham, You Know Who Else Will Hate It?

Though the film isn’t scheduled for (a very limited) release until September 26 (and isn’t even finished yet, apparently) Ken Ham is already confident that the film A Matter of Faith will be a source of intense irritation to Atheists and “compromising Christians” (I won’t even bother with that one for now… what a jerk).

And perhaps he’s right. Perhaps Atheists will hate it, though I suspect it won't trouble them at all.  And perhaps "compromising Christians" will hate it, though I suspect we'll just be annoyed with you for referring to us like that.

But you know who else will hate the movie, Ken Ham?  Artists.  Storytellers.  Dramatists.  Anyone with a sense of narrative arc and character development.  Christians who grow tired of such pitiable productions being lauded as high art.  Christians who grow weary of being portrayed in these hack works. …

But you know who will hate it the most?  Everyone who pays full price for a ticket only to realize that they’ve already seen this movie under the title God’s Not Dead…


  1. Such a truly hilarious trailer. The fact that Ken Ham thinks this looks good makes me kind of happy.

  2. (I say this sincerely, and, if you'd believe it, I mean no offense.) Joshua Boeke, are you sure this sort of schadenfreude is something you should be proud of?


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