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Friday, May 23, 2014

More Anomalies A – Z: Rahab

Of treacherous water and its monstrous denizens we must now speak, and of primordial crossopterygians beneath the roaring waves.  Those twisting forms which had once inherited random mutations now awaken. They awaken and put on strength! The changes that permitted a more efficient locomotion under the arm of the LORD did not survive despite their large numbers and well their equipped forms.  A multitude of such episodes eventually brought forth dry land, the accumulated mound of their decimated corpses, in the days of old, and gave rise over millions of years to a truly boisterous amphibious dragon. 

Was it not you, O Lord, who cut Rahab in pieces, who pierced the dragon? 

But now all of these features are very appropriately applied to Rome and to Egypt and Iran as well.  The woman is Israel.  And the interpretations that make her anything else are worthless and empty.  Therefore this Universal Empire of Chaos and this European Union are the only possible agents to carry out Satan’s chaotic will upon the earth, and in the depths of oceans as well.

According to the assumed evolutionary sequence of life the crushed carcass of Rahab gave rise to amphibians – a change that could not have occurred without the scattering of our cruel enemies and a multitude of transitional bodies.  There were no walking fishes, but only unclean creatures slithering along their belly, using the same writhing motion they once used in the water.

What are the facts?  Not a single transitional form has ever been found except by his power over the now stilled seas.  By his understanding he struck down Rahab – that ancient crossopterygian and her ichtyostega consort.  This is a wonder, a semeion, a “sign” showing no vestige of the dragon that fiercely persecuted our women.  This is Satan’s final anatomy lesson.

You crushed Rahab like a carcass, and the dragon is clearly Satan.  He is scattered by your mighty right arm.  He is red, voracious, powerful and vicious, dripping with the blood of the martyrs.  And when all the facts are considered, the amphibians, fishes, whether living or fossil, which are only found in the earliest layers of chaos, embedded within their atrophied muscles have been overcome.  Their Communist plans for world domination by evolutionary force have been overthrown.  Their slow gradual twists and changes have been destroyed.  There is no connection between their supposed ancestors and the nations of today.  None is needed.  Pelvic bones do not and could not support the weight of this communist empire.

This is my third pass through through the alphabet with these anomalies.  To read the rest of them click here.

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