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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beginner Band at Music Camp

Working with a group of beginners at Music Camp is a special kind of torture, I mean love - I mean both.  Some of these kids have only just picked up their horns this week.  Before this week they couldn't read music, identify notes on the staff, or make a sound with the instrument.

But we practice.  We blow and we buzz - and we sweat in the heat and the humidity.  And we make mistakes. And we try that section again.  And we make mistakes.  And we try that section again and again and again until we get it right.  (or as close to right as a group of beginners are going to get in these brief few days.)  And we do it all while ignoring (or trying to ignore) the planes taking off and landing at the nearby airbase.

Our final concert is on Saturday.  I think we'll have two very different classical pieces ready to perform ("Go Tell Bill" - an arrangement of the theme from the WIlliam Tell Overture, and a simple arrangement of the theme from Johannes Brahms)

We might have gone  a little nuts this afternoon.

 photo bandcamp2014_zps3ea1caf0.jpg

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