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Monday, June 2, 2014

More Anomalies A – Z: Yareah

Do not heed the fire or the wind;
listen not to the swift rushing air or turbulent waters,
neither the circle of stars
nor all the luminaries of heaven.

Do not look to me for I am only the lesser light,
a traveler moving in borrowed splendor;
let not your heart be moved
 or secretly enticed.

Do not let your mouth kiss your hand.

Your unconscious mind
and memories like the variable tides
sink into the darkening skies and shadows.
You are wearied with your many consultations;
there is none to stand up and save you.

Patients will sleep,
falling into their deep wounds.
Abandon your probing eyes,
gazing at the stars at each new moon
to predict what shall befall.

I am Yahreah, and subject to the laws of the Lord.

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