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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Campfire Parade

I'm at music camp all this week - teaching kids how to play a horn and how to read music.

Last night was campfire night.  The entire camp marched across the campgrounds following the drummers.  Psyche (the dog) loved it.  She watched, and then ran to join the kids as they walked.

We were a little concerned that it might rain (and there was some pretty terrible weather in other parts of the state) but the storms went north of us, and we had a pleasant time around the fire.

 photo IMG_1233_zps0939263f.jpg

 photo IMG_1237_zps8cc0267f.jpg

 photo IMG_1239_zpsc7fa0b37.jpg

 photo IMG_1246_zps0dc15eff.jpg

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