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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Anomalies A – Z: Enoch

Forgoing death, he walked away
after a year for every day around the sun.
Enoch walked away and was no more
into the sky, into the sun
where temperatures reach millions of degrees,
yet he did not die.

Tell me, guiding angel, what are these things you are showing me?
Can the photographs and news reports be trusted?
How can conspiracy theories be disproved?

Is this European Superstate the home of giants?
Why was Charlemagne immortalized on European coins?

The element of fire will devour these unions,
dissolve their bonds – yes, this is to be expected.
Enoch will stand in the streets of Jerusalem
holding back the rain while the fires burn unchecked.

But see the iron plated beast rising up
like a wide faced woman on the back of an ox
to murder the witness.

Oh, guiding angel, must I see such things as this?

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