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Friday, September 26, 2014

Anomalies A – Z: Kima

Can you tie cords to Kima,
or undo the reigns of Kesil?

Job 38:31

It is Kima that is doing this to me – the headaches, the chills, the unfounded accusations of disloyalty. 

Kima, the Family, the One Hundred, is arrayed like shock troops in tight formation, armed and ready for battle.  Kima is an alignment of rattlesnakes in the heavens.   Kima brings accidents, and blindness.  Kima brings violence.  When the Almighty, blessed be He, wanted to destroy the earth in a flood, he removed two stars from Kima and brought the waters upon the world.

The paths of the heavens are clear for those who will but look.  Were it not for the heat of Kesil the world would not survive the cold of Kima, but the cosmic bands of gravity that held that ancient hunter have been loosed and space is wearing thin. 

The intra-atomic energies that bind particular particle to particle have been dissolved by men with small minds and large egos. And Kima acts without restraint, stings like a scorpion with unfocused malice.

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