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Thursday, September 18, 2014

#Throwbackthursday: Teenage Embarrasment

This is one of those #throwbackthursday kinda of social media posts that are so trendy these days.

I don't remember exactly why this picture was taken.  One of the members of our church who did a lot of photography work popped his head into the classroom at the church were several of us were hanging out.  He said he needed someone to sit in for a picture for a few moments.  I don't remember if I volunteered (doesn't seem very likely considering what I remember of myself then) or if I was volunteered, but I ended up in front of the camera.  The sweater was borrowed.

Not long afterwards the photographer gave me a copy of the picture - which apparently I saved, because here it is. I remember that I didn't particularly care for the picture at the time.  It's a fine portrait of me - but I was embarrassed by my acne - which isn't actually so bad in this picture.  There were times when it was worse.

Never mind that the photo was great.  Never mind that everyone - EVERYONE - has acne at some point. I was embarrassed and I put the photo away, stashed it away. I hid it.

But now that I'm old enough to know better, or perhaps - old enough not to care anymore, I realize that it was a pretty decent photograph, and I should have been much happier about it.

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