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Sunday, September 7, 2014


I wrote this a few years ago -  back when I was studying the history and tenets of the (cough, cough) church of Scientology. 


Abandon reason, all ye who enter here,
here there be Thetans from beyond the stars.

Have you forgotten
how Lord Xenu came with hydrogen bombs
to eliminate meddlesome psychiatrists,
or that he trapped their blasted remains
with electric ribbons
and kept them fresh in vats of frozen glycol?

These enigmatic engrams and galvanic skin responses,
these are the time track projections of your uncleared mind.

But now your psychic surgery
can be performed by an unlicensed
and self-taught nuclear physicist
with a penchant for self aggrandizement
            for a price.      

When the Psychlos come you’ll wish you’d paid.


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