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Monday, July 22, 2013

Excavators Uncover Samson’s Jawbone

jawbone photo Jawbone_zps43d2fb78.jpg
After 7 years of excavating Ramath Lehi, archaeologist Arnold Snodgrass announced today that he may have discovered the jawbone that Samson, the famed Israelite judge of the Iron age, used to kill 1,000 Philistines.

“Everything that we’ve been able to test indicates that this is the jawbone swung by that mighty hero,” said Snodgrass in a telephone interview.

“The age of the bone appears to be about right. And it is covered in what looks like blood stains.  We’ll know for sure when the tests come back from the lab.”   

 In addition to the jawbone, members of Snodgrass’ team discovered a number of other bones as well, some of which “could be human bones, could even be the bones of Samson’s Philistine victims.” Also found at the site were broken bits of pottery, and a sandal thong.

When asked if he felt that perhaps his team was rushing to judgment in he answered, “With the recent discoveries of King David’s palace at Khirbet Qeiyafa and the Prophet Elisha’s house in Tel Rehov, we felt like we had to announce our discovery to the press.  The time was right; the interest was there in the public. And our grant money is running out…”

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