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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Anomalies A-Z: Beelzebub

Let us consult the Presiding Chaplain
of the Royal Order of Diptera,
that chthonic spirit,
that porcine head impaled upon a stick;
though he sits in ruined majesty
he can still draw an audience
for a time.

Let us ask of him: ‘will I live or die?’
O Lord of Flies, speak to me.
I open my mouth
and breathe through my nose
to receive this breeding of pestilence.

Let him speak though he spreads lies.
Let him speak in whispers and fizzles.
Let him speak, this buildup of filth,
buzzing as I die.

This is part of July Anomalies A-Z, a creative writing exercise and not intended to be an altogether accurate picture of the creature described above.  

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