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Friday, July 12, 2013

The High Council Gathers

The High Council of the Salvation Army - the group charged with electing the organization's next General (international leader)- has started gathering in London, England.  They are all Salvation Army leaders who are commissioners in active service or who are territorial commanders or territorial presidents of women's ministries (of whatever rank).
2013 High Council

They will meet on July 29 to elect the 20th General of the Salvation Army.  This comes following the sudden resignation of former General Linda Bond.

This High Council is the largest in the history of The Salvation Army with 118 members.  And it's a fairly diverse group, not just bunch of old white dudes.

Though "old" might apply - the average age is 59.

Of the 118 members 64 are women, 54 are men.
26 are from North/South America and the Caribbean
24 are from Africa
21 are from the South Pacific / East Asia
15 are from South Asia
18 are from Europe
and 14 are from the International Headquarters

Photos of all 118 can be found here.

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