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Saturday, July 6, 2013

July Anomalies A-Z: The First Born of Death

The man sits alone upon the midden heap
                blastomycosis, and leprosy
scraping at sores, pinching pustules
until they burst pale clouded fluids.
                myiasis, and anaplasmosis
The shadow thrown by the dancing flames
of his cookfire flickers on the wall,
stalking, looming over him.

This is disease, the First Born of Death,
                necrotizing fasciitis, ebola
eating his skin, devouring his flesh,
anthropophagous, consuming limbs
and wasting strength.
                scabies, and rotavirus

Death’s primal face,
death’s first form.
molluscum contagiosum
Stand aghast at the sight
of death’s ever hungry mouth.

This is part of July Anomalies A-Z, a creative writing exercise and not intended to be an altogether accurate picture of the creature described above.  

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