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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Anomalies: Orion

Canst thou …loose the bands of Orion? Job 38:31

Bound was the ancient hunter
with cosmic bands of gravity,
held between great galaxy clusters

but now those fetters are breaking,
and space is wearing thin;
the bands are loosed, the prisoner is escaping,

I have been monitoring changes
in that most recognizable constellation,
watching and recording his increasing motions.

Did you know that the fires off the shoulder of Orion
are already 7% hotter than at any time in the past 10,000 years?
Or that when Betelgeux explodes (as it is primed to do)
it will be visible on Earth, even during daylight hours?

But that’s not the worst of it. No.  Not nearly.
The stars are no longer fixed in space,
do you know what this means?
Orion, the giant, the primordial hunter
is about to escape, and when he does
he will be coming for us.

This is part of July Anomalies A-Z, a creative writing exercise and not intended to be an altogether accurate picture of the creature described above.   And this anomaly has a soundtrack.

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