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Friday, July 19, 2013

Watership Down

 photo rabbit_zps4a67a95f.jpg"Great golden Frith on a hill!" I live in a house of Philistines who wouldn't know great books if they came right up into the garden and nibbled on their carrots.

I've just finished re-reading (more accurately, re-re-re-reading) one of my favorite books, one of the greatest books - Watership Down - by Richard Adams.  But my family doesn't appreciate it.  My wife tried reading it once but gave up after just a few chapters.  She called it dull.  My daughter (who loves Harry Potter and all things fantasy) said, "It's 200 pages about bunnies."

To which, I replied, "It is not just 200 pages about bunnies.  It's 475 pages of excitement and danger and wonder."

My son looked at me with eyebrows arched, "Bunnies?"

"Yes.  It's about rabbits, rabbits who face enemies and have wonderful adventures across the English countryside."


"Yes. Rabbits who fight, and one is slightly psychic... and they ride a boat..."

"Psychic bunnies?"

"Yes. And an angry sea-gull."


  1. I know the feeling. My husband refused to read it for the longest time because "why would a read a kid's book about bunnies?"

    Then he read it. When I asked him how it was, he said "I can't believe people let kids read this stuff..."


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