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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Letter to President Obama - Let Us Be Peacemakers for a Change.

President Obama,

I am writing today to urge you to put into practice those values and ideals of the Nobel Peace Prize that you were awarded.  Do whatever you can to prevent U.S. military action in Syria.  We have only just begun to claw ourselves up out of the hole we dug for ourselves in two foolish and massively expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We cannot afford another.

And over and above the fiscal concerns are the moral issues.  We have no justification for military involvement not while so many other options are yet available.  The emotional cry to “to something” about the very real horrors that are occurring should not compel us to make the same tragic mistake we have made over and over again in the past. 

We cannot obviate human suffering with violent action; we will only create more of the same.   If we must “do something” let it be something constructive rather than destructive. Let it be something that prevents further conflict rather than dragging us into another protracted military action. 

Let us be peacemakers for a change.

Jeff Carter

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