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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Transmutation of Space

Famed alchemist Dr. Tarrec announced today that he is working with NASA officials to develop a process to aid in crossing the almost unimaginable distances of interstellar space.  “The Sons of God” he says “saw that the daughters of men were fair, and crossed through the mysteries of space to be with them.  We are attempting to recreate the alchemical reactions that allowed them to achieve this magnificent mode of travel.”

Specifically it was the angel Amnael who perfected this art, and left a record of his work with the Arabs.  It remained a forgotten and lost art for millennia, but now, with the rediscovery of an important manuscript, the Chrysopeia of Al-Mu'allim Al-Awwal interstellar travel can soon become a reality.  Dr. Tarrec has been, for the past seven years, working tirelessly to translate this obscure book of secrets and is now ready to launch (quite literally) into his work with NASA.

It will require a whole field of new specialties, but Dr. Tarrec predicts that by as early as 2025 humans could be traveling to distant star-systems on huge alembic engine space craft.  

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