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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Henry M. Morris Isn’t Even Consistent

I have in my library the book The Revelation Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Prophetic Book of the End of Times[i] by Henry M. Morris – a commentary on the final book of the bible and a sort of bookend companion piece to his similarly named commentary on Genesis.  And it is a howler, ridiculousness on nearly every page, far too many to share them all...

Never-mind that his Pre-Millennial Dispensationalist system of interpreting Revelation is completely bankrupt, and setting aside his near myopic emphasis on Noah’s flood as an argument against Evolution and Atheism, I am totally amazed that he can get away with publishing a book so internally inconsistent.

In discussing the “Flying Scorpions from Hell” as he calls them[ii] - that is the locusts coming up out of the smoke upon the earth in Revelation chapter 9, Morris writes, “They can hardly be newly formed creatures.  God does not create creatures that are not good (Genesis 1:31), not even as vehicles of judgment …”[iii] [his emphasis]

Then just a few pages later, still discussing these same creatures, he writes, “Assuming that the strange bodies of these creatures had indeed been specifically created by God for this particular judgment it is easy enough to understand one other particular attribute…”[iv]

And then again just a few pages further on, still describing these locusts from hell, “…these animals had not come under the Noahic prescription that they would fear and dread man (Genesis 9:2), for they did not exist in the days of Noah.  Newly created for the very purpose of judgment, and energized by wicked spirits, these animals will soon become the objects of man’s fear and dread.”[v]

So – which is it?  Does or Does Not God create monstrosities for the purpose of judgment?  Did he not proof read this? Did he not have an editor?

[i] Morris, Henry M. The Revelation Record: A Scientific and Devotional Commentary on the Prophetic Book of the End of Times Tyndale House Publishers, Inc, Wheaton IL, 1983
[ii] Page 157
[iii] Page 158
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