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Friday, August 2, 2013

Family Reunion 2013

 photo 2013familygroup_zpse7be1880.jpg

I have been, for the past several days, enjoying some time with my family.  And by "enjoying" I mean enduring a house crowded with screaming babies and barking dogs, sleeping on a pull out couch, going on trips to such family friendly fun times as "Holiday World" and the Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville, Indiana.  It's been good.  Mostly.  As much fun as any extended family get together can be.  We've played Munchkin, Zombies!!!, Uno, Carcassonne  and Bohnanza  (a surprisingly fun game about bean trading.)

We even managed to get a group photo of all of us together:  my parents, my two brothers, their wives, and the five grandchildren... (You'll note my daughter wearing her brand new Dr. Who cap.  She's very happy with it.)  We managed to get at least this one picture of everyone smiling at the same time - except Baby Erica (and we'll give her a pass this one time.)

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