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Friday, August 16, 2013

What I Saw at the Iowa State Fair

antique doll photo IMG_5972_zps60594b62.jpgAmong the many many things I saw today at the Iowa State Fair were:

a yellow John Deere Tractor
a 908 lbs. pumpkin
newborn goats (3 hours old)
clowns on stilts
2 co-workers
emu eggs (they have green shells)
children being thrown by sheep
a working printing press
free hard-boiled eggs (I ate 6)
snakes, snapping turtles, and an alligator
some really creepy antique dolls
a butter cow
a butter Abraham Lincoln
a partially melted ice statue of the Statue of Liberty
...and later an almost completely melted statue of the Statue of Liberty
a teepee
food on sticks
lamb sausage (very tasty)


state fair tardis 1 photo IMG_5917_zpsa746f505.jpg
state fair tardis 2 photo IMG_5921_zpsb8a98ab8.jpg

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