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Monday, August 5, 2013

Why Did John Say NOTHING About This?

“and he (the last Super World Dictator) causeth all… to receive a Numbered Mark.”

I have searched and searched in vain through John’s Apocalypse for his description of the last ECONOMIC REGIME, the one that will introduce the UNIVERSAL CASHLESS system for the buying and selling of Political and Religious disciplines.  I am trying to find his outline of the World Foundation’s program of 666 Internationalism.  I cannot find his account of the global conspiracy to imprint the 666 mark on consumer goods like Flashlights made in East Germany, Bicycle Tires made in Mexico and Oranges grown in Australia.  But I’m sure that it must be there, somewhere.  The prophet must have written something about this phenomenon.

What Consortium of Satanic World Leaders is behind the branding of children’s toys with the 666 number?  This is more insidious than the coded use of that beastly number within the Universal Product Code “Bar Codes,” though that would have been wretched enough on its own.  Who is pushing us toward the WORLDWIDE CASHLESS system?  I cannot find these answers.

Meanwhile the world’s greatest conspiracy is being quietly plotted and executed in the echoing halls of our government.  It began with Economics, but soon nothing will be beyond its scope, Politics or Religion. 

And they do it by way of IDENTIFICATION and the assignment of MARKS (or bars) for NUMBERS read by machines.  Already by 1970 they had instituted a program to tag every consumable good at the manufacturers’ level with a numbered code or Mark.  This UPC (Code 39) sends data to a giant central computer to track and regulate global sales.  Why is it that John says nothing about this?

According to biblical prophecy Phase II of their plan is soon to take effect.  And it is nothing less than the complete IDENTIFICATION of every living person with a coded number.  This Universal Numbering System MARK (Social Security Number) will be stamped on or even implanted within the very person it identifies. It is a MARK OF IDENTITY and it will be used to track our movements and monitor our conversations and interactions. YET JOHN SAYS NOTHING ABOUT IT IN HIS REVELATION!  WHY NOT?

I know that a totalitarian regime will emerge at the very end of time, and this will happen soon.  I know that this world dictator will insist that the inhabitants of the world take his mark (which is the number of his name.)  I know these things because I have studied prophecy for over 25 years.  I have read encyclopedias, industrial publications, trade journals and even the brand new Random House Unabridged Dictionary of the English language, containing every word in the English language – but still I can find no instructions for decoding these “Marking” Symbols.

The time has come when Christians must be as “wise as serpents.”  Many of us have ZEAL but there is an unfortunate lack of KNOWLEDGE. How could it be otherwise when John has left so many gaping holes in the telling of his vision?  Yet we must move forward.    

But he (the coming Super World Dictator) shall have power over the treasuries of gold and of silver…”

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