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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Biblical Limericks: One for the Mythicists

My friend, James McGrath often contends against those who seek to demonstrate that Jesus was only ever a myth created by the NT authors by cutting and pasting various stories about other gods into the purely fictional tale of Jesus.  In one of his recent posts he tries to deal with those Mythicists who want proof of Jesus in 400 characters or less (the length of a Youtube comment...)  

And someone in the comment section of McGrath's blog suggested that if it can't be given within that 400 character limitation, then perhaps a limerick would work.  

Challenge accepted! 

I've been writing a lot of biblical limericks this year, so here's one for the Mythicists:

If you want to establish the truth
parallels should not count as good proof;
it takes more than a nod
to other ancient gods
to make history’s Jesus go poof!


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