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Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Major in The Salvation Army

This is my friend, my very good friend, Major Joe Wheeler.  He and his wife, Major Lois, hired me as a gangly goofy teenager at the Salvation Army's summer camp (Camp Silver Lake).  It was there that I met my wife.  And it was Majors Wheeler who helped us through the process to become cadets at the Salvation Army's training college (seminary).  Major Joe has been a help and mentor for many years.

And today, as I received word that my wife and I have - after 15 years (and a couple of weeks) received our promotion from Captain to Major, he and Lois were here with us to celebrate.  And not only that, but he gave me his uniform trim.  I don't think of it as used - but consider it an honor to wear his major's trim.

It's been a long 15 years. (6 of the happiest years of my life, I sometimes tell people.)  We've had 7 different appointments in three divisions in those 15 years, so it's difficult to feel like we've been anywhere long enough to see anything accomplished.  But - even with all the struggle (and those who know me, know some of what I mean there) and all the moves - I am glad to be a Major in the Salvation Army.

I used to joke that being a Major just means that you're old.  I may have to stop saying that now...


  1. Jeff, it was a good week. I'm honored to be here at this time and share in your ministry and celebration. Thank you for your kind words. You, Mikey, Emma and Dune are loved. We are thrilled to be members of your family.

  2. Good thoughts, Jeff! Congrats on becoming one of us old folks! :-)


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