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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Can’t Find the Books I Need

I love going to the public library, but sometimes my local bibliothèque just doesn’t have the books I need.  Peradventure you’ve seen them in your local book repository.

The Musical Methodologies of Pre-Socratic Herpetology – J. R. Cummingsworth
Zenotic Motion in Twenty-First Century Poetry – Rosa Lee
Theological Neologisms of Arctic Explorers – Lindsey F. F. Long III
Candlewicking for Fun and Profit – Sister JoAnna
The Unpublished Maps of Ultima Thule Drawn by the King’s Royal Cartographer, Herrick Little
Yoga for Cats and Other Pointless Exercises
– Betty Ferguson
Apologies for Many and Varied Occasions – Percy M. Cally
Join Me: How To Rule the Galaxy in Twelve Easy Steps – D. Vader
Magic Markers Aren’t Magic and Other Things I Should Have Realized – Samuel Higgins
Ritual Amusement: Waterslides, Baptism and other Religious Practices – Dr. Alphonse Martin

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