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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pat Robertson Says "Let's Go Surfin' in 2014"

Pat Robertson - never one to learn from his mistakes - has released his latest predictions for the upcoming year. In his crystal ball he's seen chaos (he always sees chaos), a win for the Republicans (now he's just being redundant), a credit crisis caused by China, and a surfin' president Obama.

Sounds like fun to me.

Pat Robertson Says "Let's Go Surfin' in 2014"

 And let's not forget the time that God told Pat who was going to win the election, but Pat said that he probably shouldn't talk about it.

To create this little song I used a couple of sounds from the Freesound Project:
Odd Xylo


  1. Thank you Jeff your musics are amazing, I went further and found your albums! Theory of imagination and Into the Unknown are so divine! I start learning Ableton and I want to create music like yours, really I can see your mastery and that inspires me!!! I saw your post in Freesound, come to watch this video, amazing as well!!

  2. Thank you, Bellabel. I appreciate the kind words.


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