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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Balthus Effect

The Balthus Fields, - strong pockets of nasty radiation - were an unexpected side effect of the Balthus Effect which left most of the major cities uninhabitable. The rest were destroyed by more conventional means.  Humanity, what few of them remained, fled into wild places, and subterranean caverns. And in the many years of their absence decay overtook all their remaining works.  Concrete crumbled. Buildings collapsed.  Iron bridges rusted and fell with a crash into the rivers they once spanned.

It was the Balthus Effect that did it.  We know that now.  The scientists responsible for developing the weapon tried to warn them; they said that they needed more time for further testing.  But the leaders wouldn’t listen.  They rushed the Balthus gun into production because they thought it would save them. Instead it doomed us.  But they were desperate – and ignorant. God forgive them.

I recorded this dystopian soundscape by creating a random tone generator played with played with some strange instruments.  I recorded three different versions of this random noise and then layered them all together, 1) to the left side, 2) to the right side and 3) in the center. 

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