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Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Shiggaion for Shoggoths

I have heard of terrors
that lay hidden in the dark,
monstrous beasts from beyond the stars
and I have been afraid.

The Elder Things did call them forth
and Shoggoths did appear,
shapeless iridescent slime
with eyes and many mouths,
tentacle limbs of gelatinous ooze
with strength incalculable,
once brute beasts,
created to serve and to build,
now intelligent and self-willed
they leave the seas
and survive upon the land

Arise, Ancient Ones,
rise up from your dreamless sleep.
Awaken once again
for your Shoggoths are singing
Tekeli-li, Tekeli-li, Tekeli-li!”

A Shiggaion is a type of psalm (Psalm 7 and Habakkuk 3).
A Shoggoth is a monstrous creature found in the writings of H. P. Lovecraft

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