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Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Blessing for Transfiguration and Transformation

At the top of the mountain
where the air is clear
and the light of God transforms everything we see,
where that voice speaks loud
and clear from the cloud of his presence,

But also as we descend,
as we move down from the mountain
and reenter the everyday world
of normal routines and predictability,
as we leave the brilliant light of the mountain-side
and move back into the deepening gloam of the valley of shadows

May we see God.

In those ancient witness,
the Law and the Prophets
as they surround us on each side,
as they challenge us and prod us
to do better and to be better
may we see God,

In our leader, our teacher,
our savior and Lord,
Jesus of Nazareth,
may we see God.

And may we, in turn, be illuminated also
by the light of his presence,
transformed by the light of his glory

So that we may carry some of that light with us as we go
so that we may transform the places we go
lighting them from within
with the reflected light of his glory.

May we show God in all that we do.

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