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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why Does Ken Ham Bother With the Rest of the Bible?

I’m not sure why Ken Ham keeps the whole bible; apparently all he needs is Genesis 1 -11. Everything he needs is is found in Genesis 1 - 11.  The rest of the bible is just commentary on those few chapters in Genesis 1 - 11.

“…every single biblical doctrine of theology directly or indirectly is founded in Genesis 1 – 11.  Why did Jesus die on a cross? Genesis 1 – 11.  Why is there sin? Genesis 1 – 11.  Why do we wear clothes?  Genesis 1 – 11. Why do we need the new heavens and the new earth? Genesis 1 – 11.  Why do we have a seven day week? Genesis 1 – 11. Why marriage, one man for one woman? Genesis 1 – 11.  Why is Jesus called the last Adam?  Genesis 1 – 11. Do you think Genesis 1 – 11 is important? 

I was at a church not long ago, and I said to the congregation, it was a church of about 3,000 people, ‘can you name one biblical doctrine of theology that ultimately directly or indirectly is not founded in Genesis 1 – 11?’  I sorta’ meant it as a rhetorical question, but one bright spark in the audience  decided to answer me, and he jumped up in the middle of my talk and said, ‘What about the doctrine of election?’  And I just answered him and said, ‘You wouldn’t need such a doctrine if man hadn’t fallen in Genesis 1 – 11.’” 

(Quote starts at 1:37:57)

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