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Saturday, March 8, 2014

In the Church of the Nativity

Our tour group visited the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem today. It was, our guide assured us, built over the exact spot where Jesus was born. ... The Church of the Nativity is an interesting place - shared by the Catholic church, the Greek Orthodox church and the Armenian Apostolic church. We were fortunate to be there as the priests were conducting a service - though one of the priests was rather irritated with the noisy pilgrim / tourists.  He walked up and down the room trying to shush them.

Church of the Nativity 2 photo ChurchoftheNativity1_zps74ee9cb9.jpg

Church of the Nativity 3 photo ChurchoftheNativity2_zps6a0656e9.jpg

Church of the Nativity 4 photo ChurchoftheNativity3_zps7e49c40e.jpg

Church of the Nativity 1 photo ChurchoftheNativity4_zps73d865f7.jpg

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