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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lost in the Old City Bazaar

Old City Bazaar photo Bazaar8_zps90aa9a20.jpgWhile in Jerusalem last week, our tour group had opportunity to visit the bazaar in the Old City.  It's a scene straight out of the movies - crowded narrow streets, music written in double harmonic scales piped in from somewhere, vendors calling out to customers, the smells of exotic foods, the odd animal or two pushing through the crowds...

It would be easy to get lost in there - the streets all look very similar - and, indeed it was.  Three members of our tour group got separated from the rest of the group. So our tour guide and I did a quick reinterpretation of Jesus' parable and left the 57 to go in search of the missing 3.  We did eventually find them.  They were safe, just a little turned around and starting to get panicky. They had tried to ask for directions, but each of them thought it was the "other way" or "just over here."  I imagine it was a bit like Lucy and Ethel trying to find their way through the exotic market streets.

Old City Bazaar 2 photo Bazaar2_zps262b050f.jpg

Old  City Bazaar 3 photo Bazaar3_zpsd49b0ee1.jpg

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