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Monday, March 10, 2014

To What Shall I Compare the Kingdom of Heaven?

To what shall I compare the Kingdom of Heaven? And what is the dynamic rule and reign of God like?

It is a runaway goat that leads to hidden treasures.
It is a date palm growing in salty soil.
It is the shade beneath the branches of a date palm grove, and also the bright sun overhead.
It is the deep reaching branches of the acacia tree.
It is a dove flying over Masada.
It is in the friendly, but noisy, song of Tristam’s Starling.
It is a raven on the Temple Mount squawking at both the gawking tourists and the faithful at prayer.
It is the one wearing a yarmulke, a keffiyeh  and a carrying a rosary.
It is a call to prayer in the rain and flash floods through the wadis into the desert.
It has more switchbacks and turns than the twisting streets of Jerusalem and we’re driving much too fast.

Tristram's Starling - Masada photo TristramsStarling_zps39a53224.jpg

This bird is the noisy - but very gregarious - Tristram's Starling.  They live on rocky cliff walls in the middle east. I was barely a foot away from this particular fellow when I took the picture.

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