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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ice Sheets on Lake Michigan

I am out of the country - well, That's not entirely accurate.  I am in a country, but I am out of my country.  Currently I am sitting in Heathrow airport in London, on my way to Israel for just over a week of touring.  I'm traveling with a group of fellow Salvation Army officers (pastors). We'll be seeing all the touristy places and 'walking where Jesus walked' and what not.

If you're trying to contact me about anything, I might not get back to you immediately.

We left Chicago earlier this morning, last night, tomorrow (I can't tell. Travel screws up my internal clock (which isn't all that accurate to begin with.))  In a few hours we'll leave the UK for Tel Aviv, Israel.

I took this picture as our plane flew over Lake Michigan.

Ice Sheets on Lake Michigan by Jeff Carter on 500px

Photograph Ice Sheets on Lake Michigan by Jeff Carter on 500px

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