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Thursday, May 1, 2014

More Anomalies A – Z: Cain

"There liveth none under the sunne, that knows what to make of the man in the moone."  John Lyly - Endymion (1591)

The Watchers were there when Cain took up the stone he used to crush Abel’s skull, watching, though they had not yet begun to interfere in human affairs.    They merely observed as the first to be born stood over the bleeding body of the first to die until Abel breathed his last.

They said nothing when the mark was carved upon his head as a warning, an omen.

They watched him turn his rake and hoe into namesake spears.  They watched the settled farmer become the uprooted wanderer of the eretz nod.  A fugitive groaning and shaking, lost upon the earth.

And the Watchers saw him at the end, murdered by that boastful warrior Lamech, whose story is set down in full in the Book of the Wars of the Lord.  They saw his corpse bristling with raven feathered arrows, and dumped beneath a thorn bush. 

That is when the Watchers first involved themselves in the affairs of humans.  The gathered up his body along with a bundle of the thorns that covered him and carried him away to the moon. And there he remains, buried alone among the moon’s gloomy spots.

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