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Sunday, March 3, 2013

I'll Watch...Perhaps it Will Exceed my Expectations

I didn't watch The History Channel's The Bible when it premiered earlier tonight - I was otherwise occupied watching The Walking Dead on AMC.  To be honest, I haven't been particularly interested.  It is, after all, the Hitler History Channel.  I remember when the Hitler History channel  used to have historical (or quasi-historical, at least) programming.

And I'm not terribly fond of most made for television documentaries about the bible.  They're not terribly reliable.  They can't be.  Television isn't about the programming, it's about selling commercials.  The advertising drives the programming.  So sensationalism and emotionalism rule.

So I haven't been expecting much from it.  Except...

1) there are some decent scholars attached to this program.  (And by "decent" I mean "Great" of course.)


2) Ray Comfort isn't comfortable with it. And if he's not endorsing it then it just might be worth watching.

Ray posted the following warning as his Facebook status earlier this evening:

"It's been brought to my attention, by a reliable source who conducted thorough research, that there are a number of unbiblical and very questionable things in "The Bible" television series - about the deity of Christ, the character of God, and the reality of sin (among other things.)  In light of this recent revelation, I cannot endorse this series.  If you choose to watch it, I would urge you to do so with a discerning heart, testing all things."

It's too bad Ray doesn't encourage his followers to watch his programming with discernment.  But enough about Ray.

I like some of Rod (the Rogue Demon Hunter)'s comments.  The program was done by a British company with British writers and British actors - so, of course, it comes across as very... British.  It's not the accents that bother me - but I would like at some point to see a production of biblical programs that utilizes actors of Middle Eastern descent.

I'll be watching it later tonight.  Perhaps it will exceed my expectations.


  1. Spoiler alert - there is a fairly epic knife fight between a mob of Jericho guys and two Israelite spies. Unfortunately, it's short-lived as it's aired while the credits roll.

  2. Gee thanks! Way to spoil the ending for me.


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