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Saturday, March 2, 2013

No More Mr. Passive Resistance

In the recent outrage party held  by some Christians in response to the Saturday Night Live Skit  DJesus Uncrossed some whined that 'it's not fair the way the media picks on Christians...  whaaaaa....  They never pick on anyone else like that.  whaaaaaa...."

But you know, it's just not true.

This remains one of my favorite bits.

No more Mr. Passive Resistance.  This time he's out to kick some butt. 

From UHF (1989)


  1. Thanks, Jeff. I never saw that one.

  2. You're welcome. Indeed, watch the whole movie -UHF - by Weird Al Yankovic. Though it is silly and juvenile, it remains one of my favorite movies.

    (and despite being juvenile and silly, I think it has some very profound moments)


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