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Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Blessing for Those Who Grieve during the Holidays

May we find comfort,
we who grieve and mourn,
who mark this season of gifts
with loss and bereavement;
may we be comforted.

May we remember those who are gone,
those taken by illness, by accident,
and those taken by human malice;
may their lives inspire us.

As the darkness of night
gives way to dawning light,
as winter’s winds
give way to springtime rains

may we find peace
and comfort
and joy

in the birth, and life, and death
and in the glorious resurrection
of Jesus, the Messiah,

in the angel of his presence,
our Savior,
who takes our afflictions as his own.

May he lift us up
and carry us forever.

Isaiah 63: 7 - 9

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