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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DIY Camera Hack

I've been playing around with a DIY camera filter that I made.  I bought a bunch of skylight filters on ebay (very cheap) - removed the glass - and replaced it with a circle cut from from a bathtub drain guard.

The filter in normal use limits the amount of light coming into the camera and provides a bit of graying to the picture - creating a sort of vintage look.

When used on out of focus light sources it creates and interesting bokeh effect.

This was my second attempt.  I tried to do this a couple of nights ago, but I cut the drain guard too small and it wouldn't fit into the filter frame. But tonight I corrected my error and it worked out pretty well.  So well, in fact that I made two, one of which I'll give to my brother. (But don't tell him.  It's part of his Christmas present.)

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