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Monday, December 30, 2013

Is New Year’s Eve/Day a Holiday? An Internal Debate

Is New Year’s Eve/Day a Holiday – that is, is it a holy day?  My own mind takes opposing opinions.

No.  New Year’s Eve/ Day should not be considered a holy day.  There is nothing particularly special or religious about this particular day.  For Christians – particularly those Christians who follow the liturgical year of the Church, the “New Year” began with the first Sunday of Advent.  This secular New Year is no more (but also no less) holy than any other day.

Yes. New Year’s Eve/Day should be considered a holiday – a day to reflect upon the year that has passed, to make confession, and to prepare for the year ahead by making renewed commitments.  John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, originated Watch Night Services (or Covenant Renewal Services) on New Year’s Eve as an alternative to the drunken revelry of other non-church going celebrants.

Still No.  Any day is a good day for confession and covenant renewal.  Why limit it to this particular 24 hours?  Besides, a holiday created as a “Christian alternative” to secular or non-religious celebration seems like a weak foundation for a holiday.  There’s no biblical support for New Year’s Day as a holiday.

There’s no biblical support for Christmas as a holiday either, but are you suggesting that we should stop celebrating Christmas?

Actually, that’s not a bad idea…

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