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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Crab Apple Tree in December

I have been taking pictures of this crab tree in my neighbor's yard for the past month. I enjoy seeing how many different ways I can photograph it.  I like that this one has come out rather impressionistic.  We tend to think of the camera as tool for realism - photographic realism - recording exactly, precisely what is there and only that. But... it's just not that way.  Photographic realism is a myth...

This picture, along with several of my other photographs are for sale to support The Salvation Army of Newton, Iowa.  If you like them you can purchase them either as a digital download ($2.99) or as a 2' X 3' professional quality canvas print ($211). There's still time to get one as a gift.

Crab Apple Tree - December by Jeff Carter

Crab Apple Tree - December by Jeff Carter on

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