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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Blessing of the Crocus (Advent 3)

May you bloom like the Crocus,
that winter Rose of Sharon,
springing forth from tender stem
through apocalyptic ash
and the still smoldering ruins
of blasted earth.

May you be a rose ever blooming.

Let purple plants and greenery
bloom into the golden splendor
of the Morning Star’s dawning light.

May you give strength to trembling hands
and tired knees;
let the blind see through you
and the deaf hear your song.
Say to them, “Be strong,” and “Do not fear,
for our God is with us here.”

May you be a stream into the wilderness,
bringing life to burning desert sands.
May you drive away the brutish beasts
that ravage the night and savage our dreams.

May your road always be the Holy Way,
and may you come,
along with unnumbered millions
of the Ransomed of the LORD,
to Zion with singing.

Joy to the world
and everlasting joy and gladness
be upon your head,
and amen.

(Isaiah 35)


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