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Monday, December 2, 2013

Remembering John Brown

Abolitionist John Brown was executed - hung - on this day in 1859.  His belief that slavery was an unconscionable evil led him to armed insurrection and murder.  Evil cannot be undone with more evil.

Oh John Brown

Oh John Brown, John Brown,
what evil wind whispered through that wild mess of hair and beard?
What moved you through the dark of Kansas night
to murder and to kill?
What comforted you behind the barricades at Harper’s Ferry
as you waited for the inevitable?
What led you to break faith with Christian charity
and to embraces the seductive myth of noble violence?

John Brown, Oh John Brown,
your body may lie molding in the grave
but your zealous tradition marches on.
We’ll Christianize the Philippines, and pacify Vietnam,
liberate Latin America and democratize the Middle East
and we’ll wrap them all in your bloodied martyrs flag.

No greater love has any man than this
that he should take up broadswords, rifles, and pikes against his enemies.

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