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Monday, December 9, 2013

Crab Apple Tree in December

It snowed here yesterday afternoon.  All afternoon and into the evening.  Our first snow was just barely a ground cover - but this, this snow fell down and covered everything. Fortunately it was a fine, dry, powdery snow.  Light and easy to shovel.  I even saw someone in our neighborhood using a leaf blower to blow the snow off his driveway.

I took my camera and took some pictures.  Including one of my neighbor's crab apple tree.  There's nothing particularly special about this tree.  It's just close and convenient and provided an interesting subject for a variety of photos.

This one (like many of my other photographs) is for sale - either as a digital download ($2.99) or as a print.  And there are lots of options - you can have it printed on canvas, archival quality paper, acrylic, a mirror, or a sheet of birchwood.  You can also choose from four sizes (S, M, L, XL) and there are a variety of framing options.  The prices vary according to the different options, but they're all pretty reasonable.

And - what is more - my portion of these sales is given to the Salvation Army of Newton, Iowa.  You can pick up some nice artwork - the Salvation Army gets money to continue its work.  Everyone wins.

Crab Apple Tree in December by Jeff Carter

Crab Apple Tree in December by Jeff Carter on

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