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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Calculated Moral Outrage

Though the internets are humming, and it is (apparently) obligatory for bloggers to comment on such things, I haven’t said very much about the statements of Phil Robertson of the A&E show Duck Dynasty.   I will only say a couple of things and then you can return to your regularly scheduled programming.

A&E has, if you haven’t already heard, suspended Robertson from filming because of some anti-gay statements he made in an interview for GQ magazine. (It’s a little surprising that more hasn’t been said about Robertson’s depiction of life for People of Color in the pre-civil rights South…)   LGBTQI supporters are outraged that he would say such things!  Conservative Christians are outraged that A&E would suspend him from the show.  Everyone is outraged! 

Okay.  So a “celebrity” said some stupid things.  People say stupid things. Even hurtful things.  Say of him, as they do in the south, “Well bless his heart…” and let this be a chance to extend a little charity and forgiveness. 

Okay.  So a television network exercised their right to determine what is broadcast in their programming.  That’s not exactly censorship.  His first amendment rights are not being trampled. Let it go.  The Robertson family is already set to profit from numerous endorsements, merchandising arrangements, and speaking engagements.  They’re not exactly being martyred here.

Outrage from either side isn’t the most productive way to go here. 

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