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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Powerpoint Slides for Everyone - 2013 - The Complete Set

Week 13 photo Week13_zps7c07cb26.jpgI have been creating and sharing free background images for awhile now.  I post a new one each week for you to use in your own projects at home, work, school, or church, or wherever.  You are free to use them however you like; I only ask that you share them freely and that you tell others that you found them here.

For your convenience I have bundled all of the images that I shared this year (2013) into one 316 MB .zip file.  All 59 images (one each week, plus a couple of bonus pics!) are yours.  Free.

You might also be interested in the 2012 bundle as well (though I think that the 2013 pics were much improved over those of last year.  Still... if you want them, they're yours.)

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